For 1000's of years we have tried to unravel Mysteries of Earth's Ages


We may have to revise every Word we thought we knew



The Creator's Story for Earth's Ages:

By thorough research of Ancient Prophecies it seems there will be at least seven Ages of Earth's existence for humanity:   

  1.  Age of Innocence
  2.  Age of the Adamic Race before the Great Flood
  3. Age of the Patriarchs
  4. Age of the Israelite
  5. First Dominion of The Messiah
  6. Age of the Gentiles
  7. Universal Kingdom of God


His Story = History

  • In the pages of the Bible we find  that through all of Earth's Ages the mill and run of humanity has been deceived;  
  • We are here to provide an awareness as well as a remedy to this situation.
  • The remedy is... as Sir Isaac Newton prophesied: "About the time of the End A body of men will be raised up , that will turn their attention to the prophecies And insist upon their Literal Interpretation."

Upcoming Worldwide Events:

* In the near future you'll see the Dark Ages Unveiled and the world will change for the Better! 

* By understanding Ancient Prophecy there will be no religions nor religious organizations begging for your worship and service.

* The Creator of our Universe will be known as having ruled the earth during the years we know only as the "Dark Ages." and will again be the ultimate object of worship to the world and His great Name will be feared as in the days of Jonah.


We have three books ready for publishing, that will help to unravel ancient mysteries,  and act as an interferon to inhibit the reproduction of religious theories that have cast a facade upon humanity  

  1. A New Talmud to the Gentiles in their Latter Times; a Picture Book 
  2. His Story = History, Part 1: Students Unraveling Ancient Mysteries  
  3. His Story = History, Part 2: The Revelation of The Christ, Forty Years Following the Passion of The Christ 


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You are welcome to download:

1. Stories of miraculous provision for families touched by the ministry of Elmer and Mary Andrews

MEMORIES that Spur us On (pdf)