Apostle Paul spoke of a mystery that in Other Ages was not made known unto men; and knew that in the Ages to come, Christ would continue to show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us, and made the statement "unto Him be glory in the Church, by YHSWH the Christ throughout All Ages, world without end." And we all know that right "now, as we speak," Bible scholars on the whole are ambiguously piecing together the Ages of Earth's existence, falsely calling them "dispensations of Time."

But, couldn't we, by taking all prophecy literally beginning with Enoch and Moses... adopt a map of Earth's Ages similar to this one?

EARTH'S AGES for humanity, other types of humanoid races prior to Adam, and those making it thru with flying colors to the end of their world are no doubt in my mind: the "Ancients before whom Christ reigned gloriously in His First Dominion" [Isaiah 24:23.]
1. Innocence in God's Garden, replenishing the earth as commanded, with "sons of God" also called "angels" and "watchers" (From re-creation of Earth - to Adam and Eve's obedience to Satan Genesis chapters 1-3])
2. Adam's Race (From Physical existence outside the Garden with Satanic influence - to the Great Flood Genesis chapters 4-9])
3. The Patriarchs From Noah and sons - to Moses and the Exodus with Satanic and demonic {spirits of Nephilim that died in the flood} influences Genesis chapter 10 - Exodus chapter 12 ending with the 10 plagues and demise of Pharaoh)
4. Age of the Israelite (From Birth of a People, still with Satanic and demonic influences and presence of "strangers" [Exodus chapters 13-35] - to their Last Days and the Day of The Lord [Deuteronomy 28:15-68])
5. First Dominion of the Messiah (From the Last Days of the Israelite; still with demonic influence [Isaiah 2:2] and Satan being chained and sealed-up in the bottomless pit [The Revelation 20:1-3] - to Satan loosed and coming up against the Camp of the Saints,   [The Revelation 20:7-10])
6. Age of the Gentiles (We are here: From the demise of Satan, yet still with demonic influence [The Revelation 20:7-10] - to the Battle of Armageddon, Great White Throne Judgment and Changing of Earth [The Revelation chapter 16] )
7. Universal Kingdom of God (From Armageddon and changing of Earth with no demonic influence [The Revelation chapter 16] till the Son lays His Kingdom back into the hands of the Father, that God may be All and In All [First Corinthians chapter 15])

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